2011 Boone- Roubaix

Brian Sheedy (above) won the Cat1/Cat2 version of this year's race.

Riders make their way up the first gravel climb.

Climbing the steepest unpaved section (above/below).


April & Wesley...

A few shots from April and Wesley's wedding in June....


The last few months...

I've been kind of MIA with my blog for a few months so I wanted to post a few photos from some of the weddings Sonya and I have been shooting.
More to follow....


Dollars Days at Grandfather Mountain

I took advantage of the $1 admission price for local residents this past Saturday and hiked the Grandfather trail to the top. It was a beautiful day to be on the mountain.


Honey and CoCo With My New Tamron

I was driving down Buck Mountain Circle yesterday evening just looking for something to snap some photos of with my new Tamron 18-270 VC lens, when I saw a couple horses running around their corral. I could tell right away they were pets because they galloped right over to check me out. A few minutes later the owner of the horses pulled in the drive and stopped to chat with me. She told me their names and how much they loved attention. Everytime I looked down to check the image on my camera, Honey (right) would pull on shirt trying to get me to pet her.



I was in the studio with Sonya Saturday morning and we were experimenting with some different lighting set-ups before a shoot. I needed to snap a few quick shots to check it out before the clients arrived and fortunately Sonya's daughter, Skyler, was there and agreed to agreed to model for me.
I had my Canon flash set-up as my master and background light with a gobo on one side to reduce any spill, and had the studio light to Skyler's left at a 45 degree angle firing as a slave. I also had a silver reflector a few feet to her right. So it was basically a two light set-up. I'm hoping to figure out a good way to add a hairlight pretty soon, I think that's really all that is missing.