UNC's #1 Fan!

Yes, this past Friday Patti Sweeney, my awesome co-worker, was the Tarheel's biggest fan. See, Patti is usually a Duke fan, but because of a wager she and I made on Wednesday's UNC/Duke game, she had to wear a Tarheel's shirt, and shout "Go Tarheels" everytime the phone rang. She was a great sport about it, but I'm sure she's spent the whole weekend working on a plan of action to exact revenge. I just hope the 'Heels keep on winning.


Visiting America

My brother Josh's brother and sister-in-law came down from PA for a visit over the weekend, and brought their two-month-old daughter, America Lynn. This was the first time much of the family has had a chance to see her, so I brought my camera along to get some shots. I was using my on camera flash (external flash is being repaired) and the preflash made America's eyes go all funny. This photo was my favorite.