More Studio Work...

This time I used a real studio. Sonya Tedder and I will be working together on weddings, commercial and portrait photography effective February 1st, so I will have access to her professional studio for indoor portrait work. I shot these of the family on Saturday afternoon as a gift for my Mom and Dad's anniversary.


My "Studio" Apartment

Actually it's a one bedroom, but I turned my living room into a "studio" to get some headshots of Charlotte shooting my Canon Speedlite through my new Westcott 43" Umbrella. All of the photos were taken with the umbrella at camera right anywhere from a 45 to 90 degree angle, and a 24" X 36" piece of white foam board propped up immediately to Charlotte's left acting as a fill card. The Westcott has removable black backing so I shot the first and third photos using it as a shoot-through diffuser, the second and fourth photos were with backing on and shooting into the umbrella. I also added a CTO gel to the flash to warm up the light a bit on all but the last shot.
I hope to add a second light to the set up soon. We'll see how that goes.


i love the snow...

I'm hoping it stays cold this weekend 'cause I have a pair of skis and a snowboard propped up against the wall in my apartment just begging to go out again.