Memorial Day in West Jefferson

Shoppers are flanked by the American Flags lined along Main Street in downtown West Jefferson.

An American Flag is flys atop the exhaust pipes of the former Thomasville Furniture, now home to Jefferson Station.



I was driving through Beaver Creek on my way to see Addison, when I looked over and saw the sun shining down on some bovine.

A few seconds later the sun slipped behind a cloud, and then, well, the middle cow moved to the left.

The End.


Hangin' With The Nephews

I had been so busy photographing high school sports this spring that I had not even taken the time to shoot any of my nephew's little league games.

So when Joey told me Elijah had a game this evening, I decided that rain or shine, I was gonna take my camera and get some shots of him playing.

Of course I couldn't help but get a few shots of Logan too, since he kept telling me to: "put your camera up and see if you can catch me Jamie."

How can I say no to this face?


Woman-less Beauty Pagaent?

Contestants for the 2008 Relay for Life Womanless Beauty Pageant pose backstage before the event. The Relay for Life hosts the annual pageant to kick-off their fundraising season.

2008 Mz. Relay for Life, "Ilene Dover" (a.k.a. Barry Aldridge) performs during the talent portion of the pageant.


Shalom Ya'll

I photographed a Bat Mitzvah over the weekend and wanted to share a couple of photos from the service. This was the first time I had ever been to a Jewish service, and I must say, I was fascinated by it all. A very good learning experience for a Baptist.

Fortunately, my friend Sal (below...I snapped a photo of him during the service) was there and explained much of the ceremony to me later at the reception. Born in Texas, he and his family moved back to Israel when he was a boy to live in his father's homeland.


Photos of a Smart Car taken by a Dumb Driver...

Yes, I took these photos while driving, and that was dumb.