Ashe Boys Win Colvard Invitational Tourney, Girls lose in Final

Both boys and girls had a great showing at the tournament. Ashe's boys beat Charlotte Catholic in the final 53-48, while the girls fell 51-47 to South Stokes in their final.

Tommy Spagnolo (15) (above) scored 28 points in the Championship game.

Coach Payne had the defense playing great all weekend long.

Daniel Waln (3) (left) added nine points in Friday's final.

Kim McNeil (23)(right) had 20 points in the girls loss on Friday night.
Kelly Hudler (20)(left) put up 20 points in the semi-final game and had nine in the championship loss.


Sweep II

Ashe County's varsity squads swept the Watauga Pioneers for the second time in as many tries. This time at Watauga High School. Shelly Barker(24)(left) had an incredible game for the girls, scoring 14 points a sinking the winning free-throw with just two seconds on the clock to give the Lady Huskies a 51-50 win.

Let me say, as a Husky Fan, I was very pleased with the turnout and support of all the Husky fans and students. I think we easily out-numbered (and out cheered) the home crowd.

Coach Laura Foster led her Lady Huskies back from an 11 point second half defecit.

The men's basketball team overcame a slow start to win 62-55. Three Husky starters had double digit point productions. Tatum Lemly had 13, Daniel Waln put up 12, but both were led once again by Tommy Spagnolo (left) with 19 points.

This is the first year both of Ashe's varsity teams has beaten Watauga's in both meeting in a season. Not bad for a 2-A school.

Watauga head coach Rob Sanders had no answer for Ashe's offensive attack


Husky Boys Fall by Three to Starmount, Girls Cruise

Late post. I was in Florida over the weekend. I was assuming the Mountain Times would have covered the games in this week, but no mention of them whatsoever.
Daniel Waln (above) had 8 points in the loss

Anyway, the Husky Boys had two open shots in the final 12 seconds and couldn't connect on either one to lose 57-54.

Ashe's Girls hammered Starmount 56-37. A couple of the shots from that game are below.

Tatum Lemly (right) and Tommy Spagnolo (below left) each put up 14 points

Tavin Holman (right) scored 10 points

Grayson Wells added 4 points off the bench

Kim McNeal (below) had 14 points in the Lady Huskies win.

Shelley Barker (right) added 8 points


Moving South for the Winter

Early tomorrow morning I will be hitting the road with my best friend and confidant, Charlotte, to help move her to Florida. Charlotte is much loved by my family, and to show their fondness and endear-ment they threw a going away party for her last night. Here are some photos from last night's lovefest.

I'll have more to post about Charlotte later, but right now I have to keep it short and sweet. She will be greatly missed.

Nephew Logan

Niece Courtney, Nephew Elijah and Mom


Brandon and Laci

Josh, Lindsey and Addison

Charlotte and Niece Addison sharing an eskimo kiss


Fire in the Sky...

I took these photos facing southwest from the steps at the entrance to Ashe County High School on my way in to shoot Ashe's game against Watauga.

It was only around 5:30pm and there was still plenty of light out, so I metered off of the sky to try and silhouette the hills in the foreground. I was fairly pleased with the results.


ASU squashed the Spiders.....

I was at the game for just the first half. Being there to witness Armanti's performance in only the first two quarters was incredible.
Here are some of the shots: