Between the steak sauce and glass of water...

Addison the niece. She turned one month old today.

This was about the best shot I was able to get to my niece Addison Wednesday night whilst celebrating my sister-in-law's birthday. Seems that uncle Jamie can't bother Addison while she's asleep because he keeps waking her up (I've always thought it rude to sleep when you have someone wanting to talk to you). Why do babies have to sleep so much anyway?


A horse is just a horse of course...or is it?

Packer the Horse (photo by me)

Up until just a couple of weeks ago, that was pretty much my thinking...that a horse is a horse. Then I met Packer.

See, I've never been a horse kind of guy. Sure, I had spent some time doing farm work growing up, but all my exposure to farm animals (other than the ones in my family) had been a herd or two of cattle, a few goats and a chicken here and there. For some reason I had never been exposed to horses. So I guess that's the main reason that as I grew older, I looked at a one horse and, with the exception of maybe a different shade of coat, pretty much assumed it was just like any other horse. Any interest I had in a horse was simply watching them from a distance. We're talking about a big friggin' animal with big teeth and big hooves. Anytime I happened to be anywhere that did not provide a fence between me and these monsters, I was pee on myself nervous.
So a few weeks ago when I was over at my friend Charlotte's house, I decided to wander over by the fence a take a look see at her horses (I had just finished reading "Seabiscuit" a month or so ago, so I thought I might whisper to the horses a little).
That's when Packer, who I found out later was a "mut", came over to check me out. Charlotte was close by or I probably would have ran the other direction screaming. She told me to pet me on his nose so I did. Then he nudged me so I petted (is that even a word?) his nose again.

Well, long story short, I ended up feeding him some grass and scratching his neck. The second time I visited him I fed him some apples and he thanked me with some horse kisses. Slowly but surely I'm becoming a horse kind of guy.

Photo by Charlotte L.

So, yes, a horse is a horse, but he can also be a pretty good buddy.

Speaking of buddies.....

Here is a shot of my two best buddies I took at Thanksgiving:

Elijah and Logan (note Logan's wound above his eyebrow. Second time the little guy has had to have his forehead glued back together this year)


Ashe Opens Basketball Season Friday @ Avery

Husky Head Coach Mark Payne

Ashe County opens up their regular basketball season this Friday when they travel to Avery County to take on the Vikings. Ashe has played in only two scrimmage games in preparation for Friday's game.

Scores from the game will be posted on Saturday morning.

Husky PG Corey Roten

ASU hosts E. Washington in 2nd round of playoffs...

After a thriller over JMU, ASU will take on the Eagles of E. Washington on Saturday 12/1/2007 at noon. The status of ASU's leading rusher, RB Kevin Richardson(left), is still unknown as he has missed practice both Monday and Tuesday.

For more information, log onto http://www.goasu.com/